We are

  • We have grown from a small craft carrying a successful accounting firms

  • We operate since 1994

  • We employ professional and ambitious employees

  • Timely follow all legal regulations and standards

  • We are equipped with the best IT solutions and equipment

  • We use all available forms of online communication (Skype, WhatsApp, etc.)

  • We provide a daily update of business events in the accounting system

  • We use e-business -e-FINA, e-Tax, e-retirement, estate and so on.

  • We are using "My e-Invoicing" for sending electronic invoices in line with Article 5 and 6 of the Law in Accounting

The success of our customers is also a success for us!


Your obligation is to devote to your own business and create good business opportunities and results.
Our job is to support your work through constantly available feedback on the current results of your business in the framework of laws and regulations.


Through our experience, knowledge, precision and kindness our obligation and pleasure is to provide you quality service and complete accounting support.


Constant in the daily updating


Our own data center - Pantheon cloud
Customer Support 24/7
Quick start - within 30 minutes
Data security

You are

  • The newly established company and / or the company without employees, or perhapse company with some special purpose

  • A society that has employees, but you are without your own financial and accounting department

  • Association with its own department for finance and accounting

  • A foreign representative office or branch

  • Non-profit organizations

We offer


Accounting services

Accounting services for small, medium and large companies and monitoring of all business processes and reporting focused on the daily updating, accuracy, expertise and availability in real time, or when the user is most needed. We use the ERP System to Hosting Data Center available 24/7 throughout the year.


Business consulting

A good counselor is valuable, saves and improves the business of each company. Our experience and knowledge that we acquire part of formal education, but for the most part by monitoring the users of our services is available to you through our business consulting services and additional services.  


Customer support

Direct support – phone, cell phone, skype, e-mail, access to the site or connect to computers of our customers are a routine part of our work. In addition to standard support for our customers, we support you in the analysis of financial statements, risk assessment and conditions, potential buyers...


Headquarters and Administration

HR- 10 361 Sesvetski Kraljevac
Gornjopoljska 9

Office zagreb

HR- 10 020 Zagreb - Novi Zagreb
Ivana Šibla 9 / 1. kat

Office Sesvete

HR - 10 361 Sesvetski Kraljevec
Gornjopoljska 9

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For any additional questions regarding our services, please send a request. We will reply to you as soon as possible.