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Online Services: Accounting & Bookkeeping



All users who have some need for a program for monitoring business through IT solutions we provide program Pantheon -data hosting centar – service rental license access at very reasonable prices from 15,90EUR / 28,90EUR / 37,90EUR / 46,90EUR + VAT per the user, depending on the needs of specific functionalities.



By using the Pantheon it is possible to provide daily updating edge material business and invoicing with postings to the general ledger, statements and open items, giving the user the ability to make decisions daily about who will do the delivery, and who does not, what prices will be defined from day to day etc.

Program Pantheon supports financial processing, working with more than one location per line basis (via the Internet) and is networked with a number of external applications, android solutions for financial processing and mobile sales.

With online bookkeeping on the user we can enter all incoming documents (offers, invoices for goods, costs, payment orders, production, tracking billing and customer relations) while on the assets side, it is possible posting in the balance of accounts and general ledger, reports, and other user requirements and traditions of statutory forms under CA, FINI, etc.).

When we are contracting these services, you can have different combinations of employees in the books with the staff of the user, depending on the competencies, knowledge, education and skills and the application of the needs of each user.


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